Most of you know Paul & I are co-team leads of Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A.). I founded C.S.P.A. in 2005, shortly before I met Paul. In total, our team has conducted over 100 paranormal investigations over the years (I stopped counting at 100). Our team was also featured on the season 1 finale of My Ghost Story, which was broadcast on the Biography Channel in 2011.
A young woman who works with The Travel Channel and Ghost Adventures, e-mailed me the other day. It seems the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) is looking for more places to investigate. She wants us to call her in NYC and chat with her about locations we would recommend for GAC. We will call her this coming week. How cool is that? 😉

After conducting over 100 investigations with our paranormal team, CSPA, I’ve come to realize that some people dislike when Paul and I tell them that, in our opinion, X or Y isn’t paranormal, and the claims they’re making can be explained by mundane means.
They want the Hollywood creepy stuff; they want the ‘woo-woo.’ They want it so much that they manufacture it, even subconsciously. Most of us have done that. I sure have — countless times!

As I’ve said before in other posts, I do not believe anything is truly paranormal or supernatural. To me, it’s all natural and can be explained by science — if not now, then eventually. All the amazing events that happen in our universe — and beyond — are still awe-inspiring, thrilling, and magickal, even without the ‘woo-woo’ attached to it.

Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A.) has been asked to conduct a presentation on the paranormal and paranormal investigation for the main Penrose library in downtown Colorado Springs. The date will be Saturday, July 26, 2014.

The event will last for several hours. The presentation will be first, followed by a Q & A session, and a demonstration of investigation techniques as we mock-investigate the library itself.

**THIS EVENT IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC—ALL AGES ARE WELCOME (but remember that, for some small children, discussing paranormal phenomena may upset or disturb them; use good judgment).**

I don’t have a time yet, but it’ll most likely start around 7 p.m. I’ll let you know once PPLD confirms. If you missed our previous events, this is the time to attend. Hope to see you there! 

A hearty welcome to our other new members of C.S.P.A.:

Bryan Garner

Anne Flint

Sammy Curell

Maria (Ria) Cline


Great to welcome you aboard!

Bev & Paul

This is Bev, Founder and Co-Team Lead from C.S.P.A.: I am intrigued by alleged haunted or spirited objects, especially dolls. I began building my own collection a couple of years ago. If you are interested in such things or collect haunted objects/dolls, feel free to join this group. We need more activity here (no pun intended!) Trolls will not be tolerated, by the way. I eat trolls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ve been warned ;-p

Chronicles of Hope: Creating a Haunted Doll Collection

my doll collection




Currently updating our website for Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A.). Go check it out! Still working it on it as I type this, so more updates coming! http://paranormalcoloradosprings.org/