Ghost Physics

The author of this book contacted me a little while ago via e-mail. I’ve downloaded his book and will begin reading it ASAP. Also, he has agreed to be interviewed for my author blog. I’ll also post it on the Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (CSPA) blog. Stay tuned, because I plan to publish his interview as soon as he answers my questions and returns them to me.

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From the beginning, nothing about my life was ordinary. Then again, who has an ordinary life, anyway? Thus, there was nothing special about my arrival onto this mortal coil. In fact, I was yet another strange kid plopped on this planet, oblivious to anything and everything in the beginning. My life started out a bit differently than most kids. I was adopted at the age of six days old, the only girl in a family with a mother, father, and two older brothers.

As I grew older, it became apparent that my interests and experiences were quite different from theirs. And while they loved me and nurtured me, I always felt like the weird kid or, sometimes, the black sheep of the family. They may tell you something that’s the opposite, but that’s how I felt. They didn’t make me the weird kid; instead, I grew into that role all by myself.

When you’re a little kid, everything is new and amazing—or frightening at times. Though it’s possible my introduction to the paranormal may have happened years earlier, the best I can pinpoint what I remember was when my family lived at Route 2 Valley Ridge in Covington, Virginia, the place of my birth. Far back as I could remember, I saw and experienced things that were probably from my imagination, but perhaps not always.

For most kids, the basement can be (and often is) a scary, foreboding place. I was no different. Usually, most basements have a laundry room and various other places, nooks, and crannies in which to store things, plus it can be dark and unwelcoming when it’s nighttime. As a kid, I came to know many basements since we lived in several different houses. For some reason, though, the basement in Valley Ridge creeped me out the most.

Several years later, after my dad’s death, we also lived in Jackson Heights and moved to Roanoke, Virginia. Although the Roanoke basement wasn’t what you’d call comfortable, it wasn’t as scary as the one in Covington. Strangely, I can’t even remember if we had a basement in the Jackson Heights house.

Did I ever see anything in the Valley Ridge basement? Not that I recall. Does that mean I never saw anything? No. It just means I can’t remember. What I do recall, however, is that unmistakable feeling of being watched when I was down there—constantly. I had a wonderful mechanical horse named Blaze that I loved beyond all measure. To this day, I wish I had that horse. Unfortunately, one of my brothers gave it away.

Back then, when I still had Blaze, I loved to ride that horse and hear the thunking and clanking of metal as the horse worked. Without fail, it never seemed as if I was alone. Beyond other humans, I mean. It always felt like someone was watching me, silently. Any paranormal investigator can tell you what that feeling is like, and so can other people who have had experiences, even if they aren’t actively trying to investigate paranormal claims. The feeling is one of being in the sights of an intelligent presence. Of being stared at, regarded closely, analyzed. As a child, I was aware of this feeling of being watched, but in an odd way, I never became afraid enough to leave the basement or stop riding my horse. I remember stopping on occasion and glancing around the basement. After seeing nobody there—no strangers, at least—I’d return to enjoying my time with Blaze.

Personal experiences such as what I encountered in the Valley Ridge basement are nothing new and, I would submit, nothing out of the ordinary. If you asked a roomful of people if they’d ever had that experience, my guess is the majority would answer “yes.” For children, you get into the question of whether it was their imagination or reality. For a child with a weird imagination like I had, the waters of understanding become even murkier. Can we dismiss everything a child claims as fantasy or imagination? No, we cannot. Is it hard to separate imagination from reality? Yes, it is. What’s more, these days there may not be one certain reality or one set observation for all of us, especially if you are a fan of quantum physics. We’ll explore these subjects later on in this book.

Back to the basement: is it possible I was experiencing someone—or something—observing me? Yes, it’s possible. In the years since, I have had many instances where I felt I was being watched, often so intently that there was a discernable pressure or change of temperature in the area around me. What’s more, I’ve recorded EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) during those times that seem to verify what was going on, with my name being said by someone or something who wasn’t supposed to be there in the room.

I cannot say with certainty that a presence or entity was in the basement with me at those times. What I can say is that, for the first time, I was aware of a different type of energy and what felt like an invisible awareness lurking around me. This strange, inexplicable event seemed to set the stage for more alarming events in the future. The odd thing is this: if I was so upset over other, smaller things, why didn’t the feeling of being watched freak me out? I have no idea. If I had a choice, I’d go back to that house in Valley Ridge in Covington, Virginia, and conduct a few EVP sessions. I wonder what I would find, especially if I asked about being watched all those years ago?

Beyond the basement, my greatest fear centered on my own bedroom. I was constantly afraid of what was living under my bed, with an unending fear that, on any given night, whatever it was beneath the bed would reach up from below and grab me. This is why I never wanted to hang my legs off of the side of the bed while sleeping and why I preferred to sleep with my limbs under the covers. I could imagine a hairy, monster-like hand slithering out from under the bed, reaching up, and pulling me off the bed so whatever it was could devour me. To my child’s mind, it seemed reasonable to expect that I would be safe if I stayed fully on the bed, with no arms or legs hanging off of it.

Of course, as children do, your legs and arms end up akimbo and the covers strewn hither and yon. Still, each night I would worry if something was lying in wait beneath my bed. As a side note, to this day I prefer to have my feet covered. On some level, I still worry about what’s lurking beneath the bed—although it’s most likely dust bunnies rather than an ogre. And while I know staying fully on the bed isn’t a guarantee of safety, I still pretend it is.

To confirm the strength of my imagination, the pediatrician told my mom that she shouldn’t let me watch anything even remotely scary—not even the cartoon Casper the Friendly Ghost. Yeah, I know. How is that scary? I never thought it was frightening, but apparently he was worried about me being exposed to ghosts, ghouls, or anything that went bump in the night. These days I wonder what he’d think if he knew I grew up to be a writer who loves horror stories and investigating the paranormal. Keeping me away from that stuff only lasted for a while.

Thing is, even as a small child, though I was afraid of certain things, I also couldn’t keep myself away from things that might scare me. I was driven to push the envelope, so to speak. My mom would try to put me down for a nap in the afternoons when the horror-based soap opera, Dark Shadows was on, but invariably I’d fight with her about taking a nap and I’d try to sneak around the corner to watch the show anyway. Years later, I’ve been vindicated since I can now watch the entire old series on services such as Netflix. Again, you can take the girl out of the paranormal, but you can’t take the paranormal out of the girl.

My favorite shows also had to do with the fantastical, unexplained, or magical. I loved shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. Eerie series such as The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery also drew my attention. My first adult-sized book? A Stephen King novel, of course. So, try as they might, it was eventual that I would come back to the same themes that captivated me even as a young child. Funny thing is, now that I think about it, I don’t remember any of my other playmates being interested in those things. They might have been, but I don’t recall talking about it or engaging in such activities with them.

And while I had young playmates, it occurs to me that most of my fascination with the otherworldly or magical hardly included them, if at all. In fact, as I grew older and flirted with playing Dungeons and Dragons, I don’t recall any other girls being involved in those games. Just me, the self-described tomboy, and my fellow male players. Interesting what you discover when you look back on such things, isn’t it?

So, what was my first encounter with the paranormal? Strikingly, it was an apparition, of all things. Since that first time, I haven’t seen any other apparitions, though I am hopeful that someday I will.

Note: This is an excerpt from Bev’s upcoming book, Living a Paranormal Life: Experiences with the Other Side

Cover_NEW_Living a Paranormal Life

Most of you know I am the founder of Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A) and my husband Paul and I are team leads. C.S.P.A. has existed since 2005, and over the years we’ve conducted 100+ investigations.
I can tell you that, years ago, we conducted an investigation here in the apartment complex where I am sitting now, where my daughter & son-in-law live. C.S.P.A. did, in fact, capture some evidence we couldn’t easily explain away at that investigation years ago.
I’m sitting here at my computer, up late as usual. My new grandson is in his cradle, sleeping. This cradle is the one his father used when he was a baby. It’s wooden and heavy — well made. It does not rock automatically, and you have to push it to make it do so.
My daughter came into the kitchen for a snack and then went back into the bedroom. After she did, I started throwing her dog’s toy down the hallway — did so several times. The hallway is to the right of where I’m sitting, while the cradle is sitting to my left. So I was not watching the cradle at the time I was throwing the dog’s toy.
The cradle had been STILL because my grandson was sleeping and obviously I didn’t want to wake him up. The cradle is RIGHT next to me on the left-hand side of my computer…really close to me, in fact. I was not touching it with any part of my body — not my arms, hands, feet, etc. And no, it won’t move or rock because of the AC or the fan. In fact, I’m sitting in the dining room and the AC/fan is on the opposite side of me in the living room.
So, I was playing with the dog and throwing the dog toy down the hallway to the right, then I stopped and glanced over at my grandson and his cradle was ROCKING — and enough that it’s as if someone pushed it to rock. It was going FULL force! I was like, “WTF?”
I walked into my daughter’s room and told her about what happened because I couldn’t believe it. My arms had goose bumps on them and a chill ran down my spine. As I was telling her about the incident, she informed me that she wasn’t surprised because weird things tend to happen near their kitchen. She said that sometimes, even though nobody’s been in the kitchen and hadn’t been for a while, the trash can lid will begin swinging, like someone reached into it and touched it.
And hey, it’s close to 3 a.m., I just noticed (anybody who has been on a legit paranormal investigation will realize that a lot of unexplained stuff tends to crop up around 3 a.m.).
So, what am I doing now? Conducting an EVP session to see if the cradle swings on its own again. And lemme tell you, it was swinging a lot, not just a little.
Most of you know Paul & I are co-team leads of Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A.). I founded C.S.P.A. in 2005, shortly before I met Paul. In total, our team has conducted over 100 paranormal investigations over the years (I stopped counting at 100). Our team was also featured on the season 1 finale of My Ghost Story, which was broadcast on the Biography Channel in 2011.
A young woman who works with The Travel Channel and Ghost Adventures, e-mailed me the other day. It seems the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) is looking for more places to investigate. She wants us to call her in NYC and chat with her about locations we would recommend for GAC. We will call her this coming week. How cool is that? 😉

After conducting over 100 investigations with our paranormal team, CSPA, I’ve come to realize that some people dislike when Paul and I tell them that, in our opinion, X or Y isn’t paranormal, and the claims they’re making can be explained by mundane means.
They want the Hollywood creepy stuff; they want the ‘woo-woo.’ They want it so much that they manufacture it, even subconsciously. Most of us have done that. I sure have — countless times!

As I’ve said before in other posts, I do not believe anything is truly paranormal or supernatural. To me, it’s all natural and can be explained by science — if not now, then eventually. All the amazing events that happen in our universe — and beyond — are still awe-inspiring, thrilling, and magickal, even without the ‘woo-woo’ attached to it.

Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A.) has been asked to conduct a presentation on the paranormal and paranormal investigation for the main Penrose library in downtown Colorado Springs. The date will be Saturday, July 26, 2014.

The event will last for several hours. The presentation will be first, followed by a Q & A session, and a demonstration of investigation techniques as we mock-investigate the library itself.

**THIS EVENT IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC—ALL AGES ARE WELCOME (but remember that, for some small children, discussing paranormal phenomena may upset or disturb them; use good judgment).**

I don’t have a time yet, but it’ll most likely start around 7 p.m. I’ll let you know once PPLD confirms. If you missed our previous events, this is the time to attend. Hope to see you there!